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Accommodation for Exchange/Program Students in student residence halls

All exchange/program students of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology can be allocated a room in one of the student residence halls for the period of their stays (max. 2 semesters). These halls are administered by the student services (Studentenwerk) Nuremberg-Erlangen. The rental terms and conditions are mentioned in the special tenancy (SOK). Exchange students can only apply for a room in the student residence halls if they accept all the terms and conditions mentioned in the SOK. In order to help you better understand the SOK-conditions please click for Info SOK for more information.

For more information about the different student residence halls, please click here.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that  o n l y  the Studentenwerk will decide which student residence hall you will be allocated.


Below is a short summary of the application procedure:

1.)    The exchange student has to be accepted by the International Office.
However, Incoming Erasmus Exchange Students (only) from partner institutions can apply for accommodation as soon as they have been nominated by the International Office of their home institution.

2.)    The online application:
http://www.tl1host.eu/SWER_SOK/?language=de (German > please click on "Aufnahme-Antrag")
http://www.tl1host.eu/SWER_SOK/?language=en (English > please click on "Application of Admission" on the right)

has to be sent to the Studentenwerk no later than

15. June (winter semester)
15. December (summer semester)

Please observe the instructions below on how to complete the following:

field “Hochschulort”: please choose “Nürnberg”.

field ”Bevorzugte Wohnform”: please choose only one option. More information here Info SOK.

field “Förderung-Stipendium”: please choose “Anderes Stipendium

field “Programm”: please choose "N-TECHN.HOCHSCHULE-OHM Kurzzeitstud"

field "Dokumente hochladen": Please upload your enrollment certificate of your home university.


3.)    The Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg will confirm the receipt via e-mail and will ask you to confirm your application by clicking the link “Bestätigungs-Link”. Your application will be valid and the Studentenwerk will proceed your application in their system.

Very important: A copy of the confirmation e-mail given by the Studentenwerk has to be sent to Ms. Ueberberg of the International Office:

4.)    After the deadline, the applicants will receive an accommodation offer together with relevant attachments directly from the Studentenwerk via e-mail.


5.)    Please confirm the form “room offer and reservation” by fax or e-mail. In addition you have to pay the rent for the first and the second month as well as the deposit within the deadline period. After receipt of the money in the account of the Studentenwerk you will receive a confirmation of payment with important details concerning your accommodation from the Studentenwerk.

6.)    If you do not confirm this offer of accommodation in time and do not observe the deadline for payment of the deposit and the rent for the first and the second month, the reserved room will be offered to somebody else. You are no longer entitled to apply for accommodation in a student residence hall and have to look for private accommodation by yourself.

7.)    After having completed all steps of the procedures mentioned above, the rental contract will be ready for you to sign upon arrival. After your arrival you have to open an account with a local German bank. Once the Studentenwerk has all your bank details, your monthly rent will be paid via direct debit.

To deal with all required formalities, our International Office will assign a buddy to assist you. The IO will give you the contact details of your buddy in time via e-mail.

If you have any questions concerning accommodation, please contact:

Ms. Stefanie Ueberberg
International Office, Wassertorstr. 8, building WF. 212a

Phone: +49 911 5880 4117
Fax: +49 911 5880 8804
E-mail: stefanie.ueberberg<at>th-nuernberg.de







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