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E-counseling Institute

The E-counseling Institute of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Nuremberg Tech brings electronic communication projects, expert knowledge and activities in the field of psychosocial counseling together.
Besides text-based online counseling, our institute focuses on other forms of internet-based counseling services such as video formats or health coaching via smart phone.

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ELSYS Institute for Power Electronic Systems

ELSYS focuses on applied research and development of the systems in power electronics, drive electronics, embedded systems and software. Our main research topics are:
•    Intelligent power grids, “smart grids”, power quality
•    Electro-mobility, integration of electro-vehicles into the grid
•    Power electronic sources and loads
•    Energy efficient power converters and drives, energy management
•    Integration of accompanying data into power electronic systems
•    Control regulations in hardware and software
•    Modeling and simulation of power electronic systems and drives

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Institute for Automotive Engineering (IFZN)

The Institute for Automotive Engineering supports research and development in the field of transport and logistics for the Nuremberg region.
The institute plays a leading role amongst academic institutions in the Railway Technology Cluster in Bavaria.
Main fields of our work include:
•    Component analysis and optimization
•    System analysis and optimization
•    Test development, with emphasis on component analysis

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Institite for Energy and Building

There is a high demand for research in the entire range of topics around energy and buildings in order to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.
Nuremberg Tech’s Institute for Energy and Building has three main research areas:
•    Building Systems
•    Facility Management
•    Energy Management

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Institute for Chemistry, Materials and Product Development (OHM-CMP)

In order to best pursue the current and new challenges in product development and materials research – from synthesis to recycling – our Competence Center for 3D-Visualization and Competence Center for Anayltics, Nanotechnology and Material Engineering have fused into the Institut für Chemie, Material- und Produktentwicklung. This fusion facilitates interdisciplinary research into all aspects of the product life-cycle – from the cradle to the grave.

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Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Recources Management

In order to efficiently, intelligently, and sustainably use water with its capacity for self-regeneration and to develop and implement provisions for natural phenomena (torrential rain, flooding, tidal waves, etc.), local and global processes must be comprehensively analyzed, effects must be demonstrated, and influential and persuasive know-how and instruments must be made available.
The IWWN conducts research in the fields of fluid mechanics, hydraulic engineering, and water management. Physical, numerical, and hybrid modelling projects have been carried out for public authorities and private industry, often in cooperation with engineering firms.

Currently, our main fields of research are:
•    Production of high-resolution data to verify numerical models
•    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
•    Physical modelling of special hydraulic engineering problems (overflow spillways, ice blockages on bridges, ...)
•    Development of non-contact, high-resolution hydrometric processes for measuring in laboratory and natural settings
In the hydraulic engineering field, we are currently focused on providing testing, consulting, and seminars on the following topics:
•    Flood prevention and protection
•    Overflow spillways
•    Flow pattern and wave modelling
•    Hydraulics of micro-hydro power units
•    Load parameters for hydro-engineering plants related to ice

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Institute of Languages and Intercultural Competence

The Language Center at Nuremberg Tech provides all language courses on our campus and for many partners.  While language proficiency is essential for graduates of our degree programs, it is only one component of intercultural competence; our courses in this field provide the complement.
In addition to the many foreign language courses and certification examinations, we also provide instruction in German as a second language for university students or professionals. The Language Center coordinates and administers the DSH—the German-language test often required for university admission—for the Nuremberg Institute of Technology as a certified test center for the DSH.

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OHM Professional School

Professionals have special requirements and perspectives on continuing education programs. The OHM Professional School offers over 20 degree or certificate programs for professionals—from MBAs to software engineering. In addition, the OPS is focused on providing application-oriented seminars, colloquia and conferences in the fields of engineering, business administration and social sciences.

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Polymeric Optical Fibres Application Center (POF-AC)

The POF-AC is the leading institute in Germany for optical polymer fibers and is one of Nuremberg Tech’s most active institutes in research.  The POF Application Center is active in simulation, measurement, development, and consulting and workshops.

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