Willkommen an der Technischen Hochschule Nürnberg
Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm

Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management

In order to efficiently, intelligently, and sustainably use water with its capacity for self-regeneration and to develop and implement provisions for natural phenomena (torrential rain, flooding, tidal waves, etc.), local and global processes must be comprehensively analyzed, effects must be demonstrated, and influential and persuasive know-how and instruments must be made available.
The IWWN conducts research in the fields of fluid mechanics, hydraulic engineering, and water management. Physical, numerical, and hybrid modelling projects have been carried out for public authorities and private industry, often in cooperation with engineering firms.

Currently, our main fields of research are:
•    Production of high-resolution data to verify numerical models
•    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
•    Physical modelling of special hydraulic engineering problems (overflow spillways, ice blockages on bridges, ...)
•    Development of non-contact, high-resolution hydrometric processes for measuring in laboratory and natural settings
In the hydraulic engineering field, we are currently focused on providing testing, consulting, and seminars on the following topics:
•    Flood prevention and protection
•    Overflow spillways
•    Flow pattern and wave modelling
•    Hydraulics of micro-hydro power units
•    Load parameters for hydro-engineering plants related to ice

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