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Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm

Corporate Vision

Seven principles guide our actions and are defined in our corporate vision:

Visionary Ohm - Performance at the top

The Nuremberg Institute of Technology has a distinct profile and strives to maintain its leading position among its competitors. Our comprehensive success in teaching, research and management has shown that we are on the right path. For the next few years and decades to come, our goals will remain the same: to take on trend-setting developments and bring about lasting changes.

Innovative Ohm - New ideas for progress

Business and society benefit from the knowledge and technology at and developed by the university, and Nuremberg Tech helps generate employment. Applied research and development involving our students are a top priority. The large number of ongoing research projects at the university and its institutes is a reflection of this innovation potential. 

Professional Ohm - Hands-on approach

The Nuremberg Institute of Technology is a university of applied sciences. Hands-on teaching and research provide students with an education that combines the use of scientific methods and artistic concepts. Additional emphasis is placed on acquiring the "soft" skills required in modern work environments. The university supports and encourages students to develop social and intercultural skills.

International Ohm - Regional commitment and international orientation

In a Europe of many regions, it is important to combine regional attachment and international orientation as components of all our degree programs. The Nuremberg Institute of Technology is integrated into the structures of our region, central Franconia, which is located in northern Bavaria. Research and teaching meet the needs of the regional economy. At the same time, the university is always establishing and maintaining partnerships with universities and businesses worldwide. An active exchange of students and scientists promotes the transfer of knowledge and cultures across regional and national borders.

Traditional Ohm - Proud of its roots

The university can boast a long and successful history and is steeped in tradition, including famous figures such as Georg Simon Ohm, who was an exemplary researcher and teacher. This tradition is followed by members of the university as well as its alumni.

Efficient Ohm - Quality based on responsibility

Integrated, process-oriented organizational structures enable interdisciplinary and market-focused work. The Nuremberg Institute of Technology is involved in all activities and meets the needs of its students and its partners in business and society. It is characterized by its dedication to responsible economic actions that are in line with ethical, social and ecological standards. Social changes represent a challenge for innovation and an opportunity for improvement.

Cooperative Ohm - Successful together

Personal commitment and identification with the university are requirements for everyone to succeed. The university is supportive of its employees and regards open communication and a trusting work relationship as essential prerequisites. Our employees' work-life balance is of great importance to us. 

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