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University Council

According to the Bavarian Higher Education Act, the University Council provides the initiatives for developing the profile of the University and for its primary teaching and research activities as well as for the continuing development of the curriculum.

The honorary members of the University Council are three outstanding individuals from the business sector as well as two scientists not employed by the University. The term of office for the members of the University Council is four years.


Tasks of the Senate comprise basically formal issues according to art. 25 sect. 1 subsect. 1 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG). The Senate

  • enacts the study and examination regulations of Universities
  • comments on appointment recommendations,
  • elects by secret ballot the ambassadors of the groups of members in the University Council and appoints the members of the Council of Elders.


Our University Senate consists (as an excerpt from art. 25 BayHSchG) of:

  • twelve ambassadors of professors,
  • one ambassador of the scientific and artistic employees,
  • two ambassadors of the other employees,
  • three ambassadors of students,
  • University women's representative

as well as the university management members as permanent guests in advisory capacity.

Students parliament

The ultimate decision-making board of the students is the students parliament.

It consists of the delegates of the Faculty student councils (Fachschaften) and fifteen more members, who are elected in direct ballot within the scope of the General University Elections according to the University Elections Regulations. Each Faculty student council can delegate a student of its Faculty as a delegate.

Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss (AStA)

The Students Parliament elects among itself the members of the Allgemeinen Studierenden Ausschusses (AStA), or General Students Committee. AStA is in charge of the day-to-day dealings of the students parliament, and functions as the students' representation. It executes the decisions of the students parliament.

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