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Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Who we are and what we do

Around 1,530 students are currently enrolled in the bachelor's degree in Social Work offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences. Our 32 professors and 5 lecturers are assisted by visiting lecturers who focus on practical aspects of social work in their classes.
The Faculty provides students various workshops as well as work and media facilities, allowing them to complement in-class instruction with interdisciplinary project work.

What Social Workers do

Social workers help people cope with difficult life situations, promote the personal development of others and provide support in exercising their social rights. They utilize their interdisciplinary education with its practical focus to plan and implement measures for social institutions, organizations and services in the following fields:

  •     Children's, youth and family services
  •     Youth and adult education
  •     Medical social work
  •     Special needs care, (social) psychiatric care and
        occupational rehabilitation
  •     Resocialization
  •     Intercultural work
  •     Working with senior citizens
  •     Community and urban development

Degrees we offer

The practical focus of the degree programs at the Faculty of Social Sciences is particularly designed to meet the wide range of professional requirements. After completing program requirements, students can be awarded the following degrees:

Bachelor (B.A.) in Social Work

The degree program usually takes seven semesters to complete. We aim to provide students with qualifications to become a competent and responsible professional. The curriculum is based on the requirements of a career characterized by the continuously changing environment and social conditions. (Folder PDF in German)

For detailed information see: International website of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Bachelor (B.A.) in Lifelong Education

This program has a duration of six semesters, during which you will earn a total of 150 ECTS credits. 60 ECTS credits are transferred from your previous vocational training. Lectures are organized in such a way that you can attend them while working. They will be held in the form of block modules running from Thursday to Saturday every two or three weeks. In addition, there will be two one-week block modules in each year of study. (Folder PDF in German)

After finishing their bachelor's degree, students may choose to enroll in our master's degree program to obtain an even higher level of expertise. The following graduate program is available:  

Master (M.A.) Social Work

(Folder PDF in German)

Career outlook

In a dynamically changing society, social workers will continue to find challenging and exciting careers. Social injustice, migration, demographic change and family support are all important social issues pointing to facets of social developments that are relevant for future social work.
The career outlook for social workers is very promising.

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