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Mechanical Engineering and Building Services Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Building Services Engineering

Who we are and what we do

Our Faculty currently has about 1,440 students enrolled and employs 38 professors. Additional courses are taught by about 40 lecturers from industry providing direct insight into practical applications in the fields of mechanical engineering and building services engineering.
20 state-of-the-art laboratories and computer rooms are available for practical teaching, research and lab work. We are also involved in numerous cooperative projects with manufacturing companies, consultancy firms and related industry that students can participate in.

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What Mechanical Engineers and Building Services Engineers do

Career opportunities for mechanical engineers range from machines to vehicles and equipment all the way down to operational processes and materials. Engineers play an essential role in shaping our future by working in the planning, development, design and production of innovative products. Organizational, business management and sociopolitical issues are always important. Tasks may include:

  • Development/testing of reduced-emission combustion engines
  • Project planning and construction of highly-efficient energy facilities
  • Planning of optimal production processes in factories
  • Testing of new materials for aircraft engines
  • Development of mobile robots
  • Preparation of evaluations as an independent expert
  • Design of environmental measures

Our modern society takes for granted a stable supply of heat, cooling, air, water, electricity and light. All of these functions require a complex structure and comprehensive management. Building services engineers use their academic background to design, plan and monitor the installations required for these services, thus ensuring the basis for the energy-efficient and sustainable operation of our buildings and real estate. This field has a demand for highly-qualified, analytical and visionary people working on the following tasks:

  • Planning and project work, design, construction and development of building components and facilities
  • Energy management and technical building management
  • Consulting and inspection

Degrees we offer

The practical focus of the degree programs the Faculty offers is particularly designed to meet these highly varied requirements. After completing program requirements, students are awarded the following degrees:

Bachelor (B.Eng) in Mechanical Engineering

The scheduled time for degree completion is seven semesters.

The fifth semester includes a 20-week intership. During the sixth and seventh semesters, coursework is focused on one of four specializations that can be selected by each student:

  • Energy technology
  • Automotive engineering
  • Design and development
  • Manufacturing engineering

Additional interdisciplinary coursework is offered through electives and required electives as well as interdisciplinary project work (Folder PDF in German)

Bachelor in Building Services Engineering (B.Eng.)

The degree program usually takes seven semesters to complete. Students in the program obtain a comprehensive education with a practical focus. During the first and second semesters,  students become familiar with natural science and engineering basics.
In the third and fourth semesters, they will continue to expand their engineering skills and abilities that they will have an opportunity to apply during their internship in the fifth semester. 
Other interdisciplinary coursework, such as required electives and project work, round off the degree program in the sixth and seventh semesters.
Students will prepare their final bachelor's thesis towards the end of the program. Final theses are often written in cooperation with consultancy firms or companies. (Folder PDF in German)

After finishing their bachelor's degree, students may choose to enroll in one of our master's degree programs to obtain an even higher level of expertise. The following graduate programs are available:

Master (M.Eng.) in

Career outlook

Mechanical engineers solve problems in nearly all areas of industry and technology. The machine and equipment manufacturing sector is a major employer of engineers and is one of Germany's leading industrial sectors with strong sales. Mechanical engineering products from Germany are among the top products internationally. Graduates can expect to enter an exciting and promising global market.
Whether it's manufacturing, business or research, the international market offers numerous and diverse careers for highly qualified mechanical engineering specialists and the long-term outlook is excellent.

The energy-efficient and sustainable operation of buildings is changing continuously on a global level. Residential and commercial structures must reflect our changing infrastructure and changing requirements for buildings, including the requirements for modern building services. Economic and ecological aspects play an increasingly important role here, creating an exciting field for highly qualified building services engineers.
The international developments in climate protection, convenience and in the efficient use of resources result in an increased demand for new solutions from building services engineering and ensure an excellent career outlook for building services engineers, both now and in the long term.

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