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Computer Science

Computer Science

Who we are and what we do

Nuremberg Tech's Faculty of Computer Science offers bachelor's degree programs in Computer Science, Computer Science & Media and Information Systems & Management, as well as three master's degree programs. Around 920 students are currently enrolled in our programs. The faculty comprises 26 professors who all have many years of practical experience. In addition, adjunct lecturers from different companies complement our comprehensive programs with seminars about first-hand experience and applications of current technology in practice.

Our Faculty is involved in numerous collaboration projects with companies in the Nuremberg area, such as Siemens or the Fraunhofer Research Institutes. These collaborations allow students to actively develop their professional expertise, participate in projects during internships, and in composing their final thesis. 

In computer science, particular topics of interest are information security, communication systems and software technology. Both Information Systems & Management and Computer Science & Media programs have a strong computer science focus, due to their organization in our Faculty. An emphasis in Information Systems & Management is on enterprise software and we use SAP software extensively in our courses.

What Computer Scientists do

From software to hardware: computer science is a multi-faceted discipline. Computer scientists research and develop concepts for systematic data processing. Computer Science & Media graduates specialize in issues such as computer graphics or ergonomic user interfaces. Graduates from our Information Systems & Management program apply data processing in enterprises, which requires both technical and business knowledge and skills. Our graduates work primarily in software development, consultancy, and research.

Degrees we offer

Bachelor (B.Sc.) in


After finishing their bachelor's degree, students may choose to enroll in one of our master's degree programs to obtain an even higher level of expertise.

Master (M.Sc.) in

Career outlook

The "digital revolution" has led to lasting changes in our world. There's hardly any area of life that is not affected by IT solutions and digital data. The highly varied software and hardware applications in the IT world will continue to offer a wide variety of career opportunities for highly qualified computer scientists. Alumni of our school enjoy an excellent reputation in the local labor market; some of them have advanced to become leading managers and valued experts in their fields.

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