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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Who we are and what we do

Around 620 students are currently enrolled in the degree programs offered by our Faculty of Civil Engineering. The Faculty employs 16 professors and 60 adjunct instructors who provide students with insight into and practice with real-life applications in their seminars.

Our campus offers numerous facilities for research and lab activities. In addition, we are involved in a large number of cooperative projects with businesses that students may participate in.

What Civil Engineers do


Residential and commercial buildings, stadiums, congress facilities, towers

Industrial structures

Factory buildings, power plants

Transportation structures

Roads, bridges, tunnels, railroad systems

Hydraulic structures

Dams, river weirs, waterways, irrigation systems

Environmental protection structures

Sewage systems, water treatment facilities, landfills, noise barriers

Degrees we offer

The practical focus of the degree programs the Faculty of Civil Engineering offers is particularly designed to meet these highly varied requirements. After completing program requirements, students can be awarded the following degrees:

Bachelor (B.Eng.) in Civil Engineering

Over seven semesters, we provide students a comprehensive education with a practical focus. Numerous required electives offer students the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of the field. Our degree program is optimally designed to prepare students for the challenges they will face in their subsequent careers and ensures a great deal of professional flexibility. (Folder PDF in German)

Master (M. Eng.) in International Civil Engineering

Students who have finished their bachelor's degree may choose to begin work on our master's degree program to obtain an even higher level of specialization in a specific aspect of civil engineering.
Nuremberg Tech's master's degree program in International Civil Engineering (M. Eng.) is intended for civil engineers who would like to work in international project development and offers scientifically sound and practical instruction enabling students to handle international construction projects independently and responsibly. (Folder PDF in German)

Master (M. Eng.) in Urban Mobility (Transportation Engineering):

The master's degree program is associated directly to the knowledge and experience earned by graduates of Nuremberg Tech's bachelor programs in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Students in this degree program broaden their knowledge and gain interdisciplinary skills in both engineering and economics to meet the continuously growing range of responsibilities and tasks associated with modern mobility strategies. (Folder PDF in German)

Career outlook

Civil engineering is an important component of the economy, ensuring an excellent job outlook. Civil engineers work in construction companies and engineering firms, handling projects from the initial planning idea to its implementation. They coordinate construction projects for public and private clients. In urban planning, civil engineers work for government agencies and develop new ideas to relieve traffic congestion in cities. They also manage the maintenance and improvement of existing building stock giving special consideration to economic and ecological aspects.

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