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Business Administration

Business Administration

Who we are and what we do

Around 3,000 students are currently enrolled in the degree programs offered by the Faculty of Business Administration.
The Faculty employs 46 professors, all of whom have many years of work experience in industry and business. In addition, an adjunct staff of 81 instructors provide direct insights into real-life applications in their seminars.

The Faculty of Business Administration also offers various mentoring programs and interdisciplinary projects that help students get started in Business Administration. Our faculty is also involved in cooperations with national and international businesses to assist students with internships and job opportunities.

The Faculty of Business Administration offers various degree programs taught in German and English.

One of the degree programs taught in English is the unique bachelor’s program in international business which has an intake of about 60 students per year. Approximately one third of them are international students who contribute greatly to the character of this program from the very beginning. Highly qualified professors and lecturers who distinguish themselves by their longstanding experience in the private sector, combine theoretical and practical knowledge in their courses. The unique trademark of the international business program, however, is the students’ close personal contact to staff and faculty members.

What Business Administration graduates and Experts in International Business do

Often "in charge," business administration graduates work in leading positions in national and international companies. They, for example, assume the duties of a general manager or executive work with their team to manage finances and negotiate with business partners. They recruit personnel or supervise company logistics. In the field of marketing, they assume the role of an internal or external representative, develop concepts and strategies and monitor budgets.

Degrees we offer

Our Faculty offers numerous degree programs on the bachelor’s and master’s level.

Degree programs which are completely taught in English:

•    Bachelor in International Business (B.A.)
International business studies to the core with two semesters abroad – one internship semester and one semester at one of over 70 partner universities worldwide

•    Master in International Finance and Economics (M.Sc.)
Preparing for a career in international financial institutions and developmental aid organizations as expert consultant

•    Master in International Marketing (M.A.)
Expanding your horizon beyond local markets with exciting projects in close cooperation with companies

Degree program which is partly taught in English and partly taught in German:

•    Bachelor in International Business and Technology (B.Eng.)
Cleverly combining international business with engineering with specializations in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or natural sciences/technology.
(Brochure B-IBT)

Degree programs which are completely taught in German:

•    Bachelor Betriebswirtschaft (B.A.)

•    Bachelor Management in der Biobranche (B.A.)

•    Master Betriebswirtschaft (M.A.)

•    Master Steuerberatung

•    Master Wirtschaftsrecht (LL.M.)

Career outlook

The advancing globalization of the economy brings about constant changes in international markets, and dynamic processes require highly qualified business experts who work with a long-range perspective on stabilizing our future. Graduates of our business degree programs are well prepared to assume leading positions in all sectors of the economy.

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