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Who we are and what we do

Nuremberg Tech has provided quality education for architects for 180 years. Around 420 students are currently enrolled in the bachelor's and master's degree programs offered by our well-established departments. Fourteen professors and 69 adjunct instructors work in the Faculty and provide students with excellent instruction stressing the well-known interaction between theoretical and practical aspects of the field.

Students can apply what they learn in courses by working on state-of-the-art equipment in our labs, studios and computer rooms. In addition, they have the opportunity to contribute their skills to our interdisciplinary projects and to cooperate with students from other Faculties. One of the engineering sciences at our university, the Faculty of Architecture has had a well-balanced distribution of male and female students for a long time now.

What Architects do

From the idea to the construction site, the focus is on people. Architects are engaged in the interaction of people, the natural environment and the built environment. They plan, design and build structures and solutions, always working across disciplines, for living, working and social life. Their work has a long-term effect on the way our world is shaped.

Architects use technical and economic factors to develop creative ideas and provide support in the planning and implementation of construction projects. Their tasks also include ensuring construction quality and planning completion dates and costs.
Besides functional and economic aspects, aesthetics and ecology that play an essential role in developing projects. Architects deal with the continually changing challenges of our international society.

Degrees we offer

The practical focus of the degree programs the Faculty of Architecture offers is particularly designed to meet these highly varied requirements. Applicants must complete an admission examination that includes drawing and modeling work, a presentation of the work created, and an interview.

After completing program requirements, students are awarded the following degree: 

Bachelor (B.A.) in Architecture

The scheduled time for completion of the bachelor's degree program in architecture at Nuremberg Tech is six semesters. Our curriculum includes interdisciplinary project work. The bachelor's degree entitles students to enroll in master's degree programs at any European university, provided they meet the university's specific admission requirements (Folder PDF in German)

"Architect" is a protected occupational title and requires additional qualifications, such as our master's degee.

Master (M.A.) in Architecture

With this program, students can begin working on their additional qualification immediately. To enroll, students must demonstrate their ability by submitting a portfolio and completing an interview

Career outlook

The built environment is forever changing. Increasing urban density, social and demographic changes as well as new environmental protection measures all require creative and efficient building solutions. Sustainable concepts are essential. Architects can expect an exciting and secure professional future.
With a bachelor's degree in architecture, graduates can work in planning and project teams at construction companies and architecture firms. Agencies at the government, state and local levels and institutions for the preservation of historic structures all offer interesting and stable jobs. A master's degree fulfills the requirements to enter professional practice as an architect in Germany, the European Union, and abroad.

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