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Who we are and what we do

Around 400 students are currently enrolled in the degree program in the Faculty of Design. There are nine professors in the faculty along with an adjunct staff of 40 instructors who provide students with direct insight into real-life design applications.
Our state-of-the-art studios, media rooms and workstations allow students to work on projects under professional conditions. In addition, our events and exhibitions held on several campuses provide a platform for presenting creations in an effective way. 

What Designers do

Whether it is in illustrations, movies or literature, designers give shape to ideas. They mold scientific and technical concepts into creative products used in many walks of life. Of course, in all the media forms in this line of work, economic and functional aspects also play an important role. This exciting field has a great demand for creative and highly qualified people who develop and implement new ideas.

Designers may have their own business or find employment at advertising agencies and design studios where they work on creative, practical and design projects. If they work in art direction, they develop communication ideas that they implement independently or as part of a team. They may create illustrations and graphic designs for authors and publishers. In cooperation with manufacturing companies, businesses and public institutions, they may develop and design campaigns, brand appearances and corporate images. Designers also work in editing movies or TV programs or implementing virtual concepts for game software.

Degrees we offer

The practical focus of the design degree program is tailored to meet these highly varied requirements. After completing the program requirements, students are awarded the following degree:

Bachelor (B.A.) in Design

The scheduled time for degree completion is seven semesters. During this time, students will be taught the relevant fundamentals for an ideal start in their creative profession. (Folder PDF in German)

Career outlook

Creative and efficient design plays an increasingly important role in the communication and entertainment industry. A bachelor's degree in design offers great opportunities in a diverse and secure profession in numerous sectors of the international creative business. The job outlook for designers is highly promising.

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