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Franconian metropolis

Nuremberg is the second-largest Bavarian city, and fourteenth largest municipality in Germany. Particularly after the EU eastern enlargement, the city has profited from its central location within the European economic region. With 500,000 inhabitants, Nuremberg is the economic, services and cultural centre of Northern Bavaria, and the centre of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region with about 3.5 million inhabitants.

International touch

The percentage of foreign nationals of over 18 per cent living in this open-minded metropolis, is well above the average for Bavaria and the Federal Republic. Nuremberg citizens from all nationalities live together in an atmosphere characterised by tolerance and calm co-existence. The city supports international relations to 14 sister cities.

Business community

Since the 1970s, Nuremberg has transformed itself into a service centre with high growth rates in the fields of innovative services, focussing on engineering and economic consultancy, market research, facility management and E-business.

City of trade fairs

Nuremberg is one of Europe's fastest growing trade fair locations. Every year, over 1,2 million people visit about 100 events and about 50 specialist trade fairs and congresses, including the world's largest specialist trade fair for toys.

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